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We want to thank you for taking the time to check us out!

Celebrate our 10 year anniversary with us at one of our pop-up shows!

With new ownership in 2023, we are heading for bigger heights!  

about tssc

Our aim is to provide a platform for artists to get their music heard and network with others in the scene. 

We bring you a "behind the scenes" experience as our artists tell you about their music career and include you in the stories of how their songs came about.  

You will hear songs you have never heard before. As well as songs you hear on the radio. 

Find out how long the artist has been performing, what inspired them to become a songwriter, who influenced their style, and more. 

Our shows provide a more personal experience with the artists!

We help artists with many things like websites, graphic design, promo videos, merchandise, virtual tip jars, direct song downloads, promotion, and more!  

By supporting Texas State Songwriters Championship, you are supporting a network of individuals banning together to be the small change this world needs.  

Giving back to the community through our shows, bringing awareness to great causes, and helping breed original sounds back to Texas Music Scene!