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All new music from all over the world!  

Please support your independent artists!

Not too many years ago, they would save the money, hit the studio, sell their own CD's and make every dollar from it.  They have been reduced to 3c a spin.  The industry controls the music, the stories, and the sound!  

If you like original music, please support those who are creating it not the machine! 

Get the merch! Go to the show!  Tip the Aritists!



We do a lot to help artists, so please reach out! 

& Join our worldwide artist alliance with Rob Georg Music & Bobby Gossett, on the app below. 

Once you create your profile, post an introduction video.  4 hours later, post an acoustic sound video. 4 hours later, post a video telling the story behind the song.  Then, comment on one of my videos CYNTHIA IM READY ~ and I will help get you in the right direction!